lost in a rainbow

Sunset is still my favorite color, and rainbow is second. — Mattie Stepanek

i am lost

in a rainbow

surrounded by red so red it seems to be dripping from cupid’s bow

orange like waves of orange juice washing towards me

fields of yellow daisies as far as the eye can see

green vines climb up towards a sky full of blue diamonds

purple clouds float past with orange cherubs perched happily on top

yellow rain falls down into pools of magenta water

chartreuse grass grows up below a bed of crimson petals

surrounding turquoise plants with an amethyst glow

lavender lilies spring up along the water

emerald pathways lead towards burgundy forests

and cerulean rays beam down through tangerine winds

too much magical beauty surrounds me as i try to find home

but this rainbow has no end

so i wander

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