Live in the Sunshine. Swim in the Sea. Drink the wild air. — Emerson

wandering through a maze
not knowing where i’m going

the bushes so high they block the sun
full of life and adventure
magical twists and turns
and immeasurable beauty.
some turns lead to friendly faces
people i love
memories made
hiccups of laughter splattered into the canvas of confusion and wonder
not sure what i am looking for.
wafts of something soft and sweet
echoes of love and joy
splashes of color
from branches full of flowers
sweet eyes staring up from wandering creatures
no fear
just looking
rounding one last corner
and there it is.
flooding in.
filling every dark space
every pocket
every shadow
every underside of every leaf.
transforming the magical maze
into something more beautiful
more exciting
more bright and lively
and magical and wondrous
than anything my mind could have invented.
and then i knew what i had been looking for all along.

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